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A youthful face typically exhibits a heart shaped appearance. The jawline is taught and sharp and the cheeks support the skin, holding it tight and giving a toned look. As we start to age, the face can change in many ways; the skin becomes lax and sags down away from the cheeks and the appearance of jowls can form, giving the face a squarer shape. If you have started to notice that you’re developing jowls and your jawline is no longer as contoured as it once was, you may be feeling less than confident about these changes. Fortunately at Dr. MediSpa, conveniently located in Loughton, Essex, we offer a range of treatments including non-surgical lifts; helping you restore that youthful facial appearance and  regain your confidence.

Non-surgical lifts: find an expert

Dr. Munir Somji believes that taking a holistic and mathematical approach to anti-ageing is key to obtaining the best and most long-lasting results. He has developed a treatment programme, exclusive to Dr. MediSpa called Contour Once, which utilises his skill as both a surgical and non-surgical expert to offer you the most effective combined treatments for your unique facial features. Aesthetic medicine should never take a ‘one size fits all’ approach and using his extensive skills as a master of facial contouring, Dr. Somji will tailor-make a specific treatment plan for you and you alone.

Using dermal fillers, non-surgical fat removal and face tightening procedures such as FaceTite™, a revolutionary radiofrequency device-led treatment where the skin is tightened and excess fat removed Dr. Somji will be able to reshape, tighten, tone and sculpt areas of concern to give you back a sculpted, chiselled jawline and youthful appearance. Dr. Somji will only offer a surgical solution if he feels there is no better option for you compared to jowl non-surgical lifts.

The cheeks can play a huge part in maintaining a supportive ‘scaffold’ for the skin and Dr. Somji may decide to add shape and volume to the cheek area using dermal fillers to lift and enhance the lower facial features. This simple procedure can offer superb results and is quick to administer with minimal downtime. He may also wish to re-shape the chin, so that it has a more pronounced appearance, bringing sleek lines to the jaw upon a side view. Again, this can be achieved using injectable dermal fillers.

Non-surgical lifts: get a bespoke plan

Whichever route Dr. Somji decides is right for you, you can be assured that his years of expertise will ensure that you come away with a more contoured facial appearance and tighter and toned skin with the qualities we all associate with youth, good health and vitality.

Why not give one of our friendly team a call on 0208 418 0362, to discuss the treatment options open to you and to arrange your no obligation consultation with Dr. Somji today? Take your first step to losing those unsightly jowls and revealing your true beauty with non-surgical lifts!

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