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Unwanted or excess hair on the legs has been a constant nuisance for women for thousands of years. There are hundreds of treatments which can temporarily remove unwanted hair but they can be painful, irritating and repetitive. With the spring and summer months approaching, you may want to address your unwanted leg hair in a more long-term way, so that you can wear your summer clothes with confidence. Laser hair removal for legs has long been a popular treatment and here at Dr. MediSpa in Loughton, Essex, we offer Sporano ICE technology for a comfortable and effective solution to permanently reduce excess hair on the legs.

So, what is laser hair removal and how does it work?

Laser hair removal is a treatment which uses intense pulses of light which are emitted on to the skin and affects the hair growth by heating the dermis to a temperature that kills the hair follicles but without causing damage to the surrounding skin. The Soprano ICE multi- wave laser treatment can treat all skin tones and most hair types. This pain free solution, reduces the growth of their unwanted hair in on average 3 to 6 sessions. Laser hair removal can never permanently stop hair growth, but you may be able to enjoy hair free skin for anything up to a year before a top up treatment is required.

Laser hair removal for legs: does it hurt?

Before treatment you’ll need to shave your legs and make sure the skin is free from creams, gels or lotions. You shouldn’t use fake tan before treatment as your skin needs to be its natural colour. The treatment will feel slightly warm, rather like a hot stone massage and is described as a pleasant experience by many of our patients. Treatment for full legs takes around 1 to 1.5 hours and you will require a course of treatment for optimum results. After which, you can enjoy smoother, silkier legs which may require a top up treatment every 6 months after the first year. However, everyone is different and more frequent top ups may be needed.

Your expected results will be discussed at a pre-treatment no obligation consultation so that you understand how your treatment will work and how long it should last.

Laser hair removal for legs is a hugely popular treatment as it takes away the worry and nuisance of daily or weekly hair removal methods. Soprano ICE offers a long-term, comfortable treatment with results that you can enjoy all summer long and beyond.

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