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Remove your skin tags, moles and warts with Radiofrequency (RF)

As the largest organ of the body, the skin can endure all manner of blemishes, lesions and imperfections. Moles, warts, milia, skin tags and raised bumps, although in most cases, totally harmless, can prove embarrassing or a nuisance if they are in exposed areas such as the face, arms or legs. They can also catch on clothing and become sore, irritated and in some cases, infected. If you suffer with skin lesions, why not treat yourself to smoother, clearer skin with a Radiofrequency treatment? Radiofrequency mole removal is becoming more and more popular.

Here at Dr. MediSpa at our Essex-based clinic, we offer Radiofrequency mole removal to permanently remove annoying skin lesions quickly, effectively and safely. RF uses radio waves, which pass through the skin and remove or reshape unwanted lesions, without damaging or harming surrounding tissues. Traditional electro-surgery devices use an electronic current to cut the skin and in some cases, can damage the surrounding skin and can also cause pain, due to the high temperature involved in the procedure. RF can seal the skin tissues and nerve endings at a lower temperature, thus, protecting the skin and avoiding post-treatment discomfort.

How do I know I am suitable for Radiofrequency mole removal?

Before any treatment can commence, we request that you attend a no obligation consultation with one of our skin specialists, so that we can assess your individual concern and medical history and create a tailor-made treatment plan for you. With the increase of skin cancer occurences, we recommend that you have any skin tags and moles pre-examined by a doctor and approved for treatment. Most growths aren’t cancerous, but it’s worth having a medical check-up, just to make sure. Radiofrequency mole removal is a faster and more comfortable treatment, when compared to the NHS, for harmless moles, skin tags and warts.

What happens during a Radiofrequency treatment?

Depending on the type of skin blemish we are treating, a specially chosen electrode will be used with a fine needle, wire loop or scalpel blade. As the lesion is cut, the tissues are immediately coagulated using a high-frequency alternating current. You should not feel any pain as we will apply an anaesthetic cream beforehand; although there may be a tugging or pulling sensation as the lesion is removed. After treatment, the area will be dressed and you will be able to return to your daily activities. You may need to keep the area dressed, clean and dry for several days afterwards, so that it can fully heal.

Radiofrequency mole removal is a safe and accessible way to swiftly treat these nuisance growths and lesions, leaving you with clearer, smoother skin. So why not call one of our friendly and helpful team on to book your no obligation consultation or contact us here.

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