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Although summer may seem an age away, those of us who experience unwanted or excess hair, may be considering those warmer climes and what we will be doing to rid ourselves of facial and body hair that we don’t wish seen, so we can bare more on that up and coming beach holiday. At Dr. MediSpa, Essex laser hair removal is our preferred method of hair reduction therapy, which can in some cases, rid you of that nuisance ‘fuzz’ for up to 12 months!

Unwanted and excess hair can prove not only a nuisance, but in many cases, can be embarrassing and emotionally upsetting. Most men and women have suffered with the condition at some point in their lives and on average, a woman will spend around £12,000 in her lifetime on shaving, waxing and epilation products, a statistic which is scary, itself! With most methods of hair removal proving very temporary and sometimes, extremely painful, it’s no wonder that for some, the thought of hotter weather and baring a little more flesh can be a daunting one.

At Dr. MediSpa, in Loughton, Essex, we have researched into many laser hair removal devices and for safety, comfort and efficacy, have decided on the Soprano ICE laser hair removal system; a quick, comfortable and effective way to reduce hair growth in even the most intimate areas. It can treat a bikini area in as little as 15 minutes and can finally mean that you can achieve smoother, silkier skin, without the worry of regular re-growth.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal has been used for many years as an alternative to shaving, which must be repeated in some cases, every day. Boring! Painful waxing, smelly hair removal creams and sometimes, torturous electric at-home epilators can all be a thing of the past. This device-led treatment utilises short bursts of light, which when emitted on to the reaches down in to the hair follicle (hair needs to be shaved before the treatment), causing it to “fall asleep” and thus, stunting the hair growth. The treatment can take several sessions but over time, you should start to see the hair become thinner, weaker and lighter and in many instances, disappear completely. Although laser hair removal doesn’t permanently remove the hair, results can last up to a year, with once or twice yearly top ups, so you can finally throw that razor away and won’t be dreading your painful, monthly visit to the waxing

Using the Soprano ICE technology means that people of all skin types, skin colours and hair types can be treated, with minimal, to no discomfort and in a range of areas. Guys with hair in places such as the back can wave goodbye to that unsightly frizz; women can have smooth legs, bikini line and underarms for more than a week without the razor burn and ingrown hair! Facial hair, which can cause so much embarrassment, can be easily removed with a course of laser hair removal.

Essex laser hair removal is easy to find

At Dr. Medispa, Essex laser hair removal is our solution to troublesome, unwanted hair. Let go of traditional hair removal methods and find the freedom to wear what you want when the sun starts shining. So why not invest some time this winter, so that come summertime, that unsightly and unwanted hair you were worrying about so much, will be a distant memory!

If you’re in Essex laser hair removal is available now at our Loughton clinic. Plan ahead, book a consultation with one of our experts today and banish those beach-bod worries. Call 020 8418 0362 or fill in our contact form.

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