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Did you know that the average woman will spend over £12,000 in her lifetime on hair removal products and treatments? Most of which can be irritating not only to the skin, but can take up too much of our time and of course, money! Many forms of hair removal can be extremely painful. Waxing can be eye watering and epilation, near torture! Fortunately, at Dr. MediSpa in Loughton, Essex, we offer laser hair removal –  a treatment which not only now takes the physical pain out of the equation but can give us back our precious time too! One of our most common questions asked is: does laser hair removal hurt?

What is laser hair removal and why is it different?

Laser hair removal is a device-led treatment where specially selected pulses of light are emitted in to the hair follicles, heating and destroying them. The process gradually thins and weakens the hair until growth is permanently reduced and the surrounding skin is left unharmed. The sensation can be quite warm but at Dr. MediSpa, we use the Soprano ICE laser which is the ‘Bentley’ of all laser hair removal technologies – it offers a more comfortable treatment than traditional lasers.

A course of treatment is required to obtain the best results and although this treatment cannot officially claim the hair is permanently removed, most people can enjoy a 95% reduction in their unwanted ‘fuzz’ for anything up to a year before top up treatments are needed.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

We don’t believe laser hair removal hurts in comparison to painful waxing which must be repeated every 4 to 6 weeks, irritating and repetitive shaving which can dry the skin and leave it feeling rough, and electrical epilation which is can be so painful that it feels as if you’re slowly extracting each hair out with a pair of tweezers! Laser hair removal is now one of the most popular ways to reduce hair growth on a long-term basis, so you can get on with the more important aspects of your life, without worrying about excess or unwanted hair.

Everyone feels pain differently, but we have Soprano ICE technology; this advanced laser device works to make you as comfortable as possible with contact-cooling. Previous laser hair removal systems have caused a lot of discomfort for those having the treatment, but today’s advances have reduced the sensation that most feel to warmth and mild tingling.

How do I know I can have laser hair removal?

Before any treatment here at Dr. MediSpa, we ask that you attend a no obligation consultation, so that your individual concerns can be discussed and the right treatment programme can be created just for you. As Soprano ICE offers multi-wave technology, most skin and hair types can be treated. However, this consultation will confirm your suitability and expected results.

So, does laser hair removal hurt? If you’re sick of feeling the agony of salon waxing, home epilation or endless shaving, laser hair removal could be worth it for you. Speak with one of the team to find out and book your no obligation consultation on 0208 418 0362 today.

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