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Innovations in non-surgical treatments mean more and more technologies are being developed that offer alternatives to going under the knife.

One such treatment, now available at Dr MediSpa, is Plexr.


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Plexr is a revolutionary new treatment for a range of skin conditions, including sagging eyelids, that would usually need invasive surgery.

Dubbed as “Soft Surgery,” Plexr is an innovative development in the world of aesthetic medicine and uses the fourth state of matter – plasma.


How does Plexr work?

The Plexr method involves ionising the gas particles in the air between the device tip and the skin.

This ionisation forms plasma, which in turn, creates ‘sublimation’ – the turning of a solid into a gas.

The result is that skin is tightened and retracts, but is not cut. The results are similar to those of invasive surgery but without the associated trauma or downtime.

What can Plexr treat?

The Plexr’s hand-piece is extremely precise, and the treatment tip does not damage the surrounding skin tissue. This makes it the perfect option for treatments such as non-surgical blepharoplasty, where the particularly delicate area around the eyelids means that laser or radiofrequency procedures are less suitable.


Apart from non-surgical skin-tightening and blepharoplasty, Plexr is also an effective treatment for:

  • tattoo removal
  • benign lesions and skin imperfections (such as warts, fibromas, pigmentation, moles and sunspots)
  • scars (including post-operative scars, acne scars and stretch marks)
  • lines and wrinkles around the mouth
  • face and neck lifting
  • active acne.

After Plexr treatment

Like most patients, you may notice some dark frosting around the treatment area. This will last for about 7 days.

It’s important not to scratch or pick at the skin during this time, to prevent pigmentation or scarring.

As Plexr is much more than a skin-tightening treatment, the results should last as they would with an invasive surgery.

However, Plexr will not stop the onset of further ageing. Factors such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, poor diet and sun damage can all contribute to further ageing of the skin.

It is important to maintain a healthy skin regime and take care of yourself, to maintain the great results that Plexr can offer.

Plexr treatments at Dr MediSpa

It’s important to know that Plasma should be used by a fully-trained medical practitioner. Dr Munir Somji is fully trained and experienced to perform this treatment with spectacular results.

Dr Somji always insists on a full medical consultation prior to treatment so that he is confident you are suitable to have Plexr.

If you are pregnant or breast feeding, you may have to wait for Plexr. Also, some very dark skins are not suitable for Plexr, due to the risk of hyperpigmentation.

However, the doctor will discuss your individual requirements before treating you.

Contact us for more information

Plexr is receiving fantastic reviews in the UK and many practitioners are now turning to this unique and safe treatment to give their patients peace of mind and the results they long for.

For more information on whether you are suitable for Plexr, feel free to speak with one of the dedicated team at Dr MediSpa.

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