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Botox™ is now one of the most common treatments for lines and wrinkles.

It has a good safety record, is quick to administer and more effective than any face cream or lotion. The results last between 3 and 9 months.

But who should have Botox, and when is the best time to start having the treatment?


About Botox™

Botox was first developed for medical use – such as treating muscle spasms and vocal problems – before it was accidentally discovered that the substance (botulinum toxin Type A) was a fantastic line eraser.

It was so widely used in the 1990s that there was a drought on the product. As its popularity soared, Botox became the go-to treatment for those in the spotlight, such as models, film and TV stars.

This is partly the reason for the rise of Botox as a commonly-used treatment for women from their mid 20s to middle age.

Why choose Botox™?

Botox anti-wrinkle injection treatments are most effective when natural expression lines can be still seen – in the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes and even around the nose – and this tends to happen from the mid 20s onward.

The treatment takes around 5 days to take effect. Once it does, patients notice a distinct improvement in the appearance of their wrinkles.

As a preventative treatment, Botox can work well by temporarily erasing lines and delaying future wrinkles that would otherwise appear sooner.

When should I have Botox™?

Generally, Botox can be used as both a temporary cure and a preventative measure, relaxing the muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles and smoothing out existing facial lines.

The treatment is financially accessible to most people and is widely recommended as one of the safest non-surgical treatments around.

A reputable doctor will not treat anyone under the age of 18. Many, however, advise younger patients they should delay having Botox until they are in their mid 20s.

This is because most teenage complexions aren’t showing the signs of ageing.  Instead, patients in their teens and early twenties may need alternative skin treatments – such as creams and home-use products, peels, laser or micro-needling – to treat uneven texture or conditions such as acne.

Is Botox™ suitable for everyone?

In many cases, Botox may well be the answer to treat those unsightly lines and wrinkles that can tell tales on our age!

However, Botox may not be the most effective treatment for severely ageing skin where there is considerable volume loss and areas of the face that are heavily sagging.

In this case, we may recommend alternative injection or device-led treatments such as:

But we will always have a full consultation with you before we start any treatment. You will be able to discuss with the doctor which option is the most suitable for you.

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