3D Lipo non-surgical liposuction at Dr MediSpa in Essex

Traditional liposuction Traditional liposuction is a highly effective and popular procedure for ridding the body of unwanted fat. In the quest for shedding the pounds, many people have undergone the procedure with much success. However, surgical treatment always carries an element of risk and considerable downtime, as well as the need to undergo a general […]

Botox® – its development and increased use in aesthetics and medicine

Of all treatments that help delay the appearance of ageing, Botox® seems to be the most popular and well known. Botox is noted primarily for reducing ‘dynamic wrinkles’ – those created by facial expressions such as frowning or smiling. So, what is Botox, how did it originate and how is it used in the medical and […]

Plexr non-surgical skin-tightening and blepharoplasty

Innovations in non-surgical treatments mean more and more technologies are being developed that offer alternatives to going under the knife. One such treatment, now available at Dr MediSpa, is Plexr. How does Plexr work? The Plexr method involves ionising the gas particles in the air between the device tip and the skin. This ionisation forms […]

Lip fillers at Dr MediSpa

In recent years, the number of dermal lip filler treatments to enhance, plump and beautify the lip area has risen considerably. This can partly be attributed to safer treatments, more experienced practitioners, more advanced products and longer-lasting results. But it’s also due to a rise in coverage in the media, as more and more famous […]

Pain-free Soprano ICE laser hair removal at Dr MediSpa

For thousands of years, unwanted body hair has been a constant nuisance for women and, indeed, for men. Hundreds of remedies and treatments have been tried and tested to combat the problem. From hot and painful waxing and electrolysis, smelly creams and repetitive shaving, to medieval-looking at-home devices that could break even the toughest pain […]